Thursday, February 27, 2014

What I've Been Wearing: Skirts & Boots

February is just about over and boy am I glad.  These last few months of winter have been extremely dreary.  After a huge spike in temperatures ( 70 degrees one day!) they sadly came back down and broke my heart by dumping snow and negative temperatures.  

I'm tired of cold. I'm tired of having to wear 50 layers..and scarves, don't forget the scarves.

I feel like once it gets super cold in winter, I tend to be very bland when it comes to my wardrobe. Lots and lots of sweaters, the heavier the better too.  I'm just always so cold.  I'm trying to change that but no matter what I do, I tend to stick to the same thing.

If there is even the tiniest of snow on the ground or even the slightest chance for it through out the day, I am always reaching for my boots. I feel like my feet are getting tired of them.  My poor toes just want to breathe and soak up some sun!

Alright, here is a quick glimpse of what I've been wearing this past cold and snowy February...and yes like the title says....Skirts & Boots!

Sweater (Old)-Moda Interntional, Victoria's Secret (similar)| Skirt/Dress (old)- I Heart Ronson 
Scarf (old)- Body Central| Tights -Target|Boots- Liz & Co.

As you can see the skirt is actually a dress.  I bought the dress nearly three years ago from JcPenney, I absolutely love it! I always get so many compliments on it when I wear it too, so that's always a plus. Another plus, it has pockets!

Cardigan -Arizona, JcPenney's (here)| Skirt - Mossimo Co., Target (similiar)|Shirt- A.N.A, JcPenney (similar|Scarf - Walmart| Tights -Target|Boots- Colin Stuart, Victoria's Secret 
Purse (last spring) - Aldo

If it is snowing, a sock bun/top knot becomes an absolute must!

Cardigan (old) -Mossimo, Target (similar here)| Dress (super old)- C. Graffitti ( so not familiar with the brand)|Belt- Target--it's actually off of the skirt from above!|Boots-  Liz & Co.

I feel so drab!  How do you perk up your winter wardrobe? I'm tired of pants and I'm beyond tired of boots...even though they do definitely keep me warm.  Hopefully we'll all be breaking out the sunless tanner soon, getting our bodies prepared for skirts and exposed arms. Come on, Spring! 

Snow is expected here this weekend, so this girl is not happy. But here's to wishing you a fabulous one!




  1. WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT... You look fab in every pic!!!!! I wear my same fricking rotation of oversized sweaters and leggings every day LOL I look like I'm fat and trying to hide it!!!!!

    1. Oh hush! I like how you dress. And how can someone not love leggings (or yoga pants for me ha ha) spring will be here soon, or atleast I frigging hope so! <3 Amber

  2. you are so gorgeous :) Sorry that winter is such a bitch. I'm feeling your pain girl!!! much love :)
    Steph xo

  3. Thanks, love. Darn winter! It's probably way worse there too, I'm just a wimp...who wants to wear sandals. ;) Thanks for reading, Steph! <3 Amber


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